Reasons to Invest in Residential Plots

Investment in real estate remains one of the most lucrative and profitable investments. Within this, investment in Land is the most attractive option. Here are some reasons why:

1) Price Appreciation

Real estate investments almost always appreciate. While both residential plots and built-up houses are expected to appreciate in price, land almost always sees a higher appreciation. The value of land also appreciates as the infrastructure around it improves. Land remains a finite resource thus increasing the chances of appreciation and ensuring long term returns.

2) Offers flexibility

Having your own residential plot gives you the flexibility to be able to design your house as you want. Investing in an apartment complex or a built-up house limits you in terms of the changes the changes that can be made.

3) Low Initial Investment

Buying a residential plot is invariably lower than buying an apartment or a built-up house. In addition, property tax on a plot is lower and it also requires lower maintenance.

4) Lesser Delays

You can get possession of your land almost on an immediate basis as there is no construction that needs to be done. This can be done at your convenience.

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