Changing Trends of Home Buyers Post Covid 19

The Covid 19 pandemic has changed the world. As the new normal starts setting in, people are gradually adapting to the changes required. Social distancing and other restrictions are making people reconsider their choice of residence. Work from home is now adding new dimensions to property search which did not exist earlier.   

  1. Own a Home 

The pandemic has made people realize the importance of having their own houses. The sense of ownership and security afforded by your own house cannot be matched. The changing work culture and social norms has meant that people need to be more flexible which is not always possible in a rented accommodation. People are also moving out of shared spaces to ensure social distance is being maintained.  

 2. Better Planned Layouts 

With work from home here to stay, people are looking at redesigning homes. Space dedicated for working, better lighting, ventilation etc are becoming paramount. Rooms are being redesigned keeping in mind requirements of work from home. The location of switches, internet connectivity, lighting etc are now being relooked at. More employees and students are at home now and hence the optimal works to living space ratio needs to be worked on. 

3. Open Plans 

People are now spending a lot more time at home. This has necessitated the need for more fresh air and lighting. Balconies / Verandahs are being preferred. Larger living areas are being sought after. There is also a need for increased storage space. The new plans will start including spaces for indoor work out, garden area, workspace etc. 

 4. Better Interiors 

Interior designs are becoming important as people are staying indoors. People want their houses to have designs which will help their mental and physical well-being. Work Areas are being defined in each house and themes are being planned around it. Living areas are also being redesigned to ensure there is a sense of calmness and peace through the house.   Surfaces are being re-planned to include anti-bacterial and anti-microbial surfaces. 

 5. Amenities and Facilities 

With restricted access to public areas including restaurants, gyms, cinemas etc, projects which offer a host of amenities are gaining prominence. The millennial of today does not want to compromise on lifestyle and at the same time needs to maintain the restrictions in place. They are looking at having these amenities inhouse. Facilities like grocery shops etc withing the complex are an added advantage. People will also be looking at projects with easy access to health care facilities. 

6. Smart Homes 

Smart homes, till recently considered a luxury are now being looked upon as a necessity. We are moving to a touchless world and limited interaction. Smart homes ensure fewer contact points for turning on electric fixtures and appliances and limit contact. This ensures fewer reduced contamination. Smart homes are now providing a heathier option and are a must in future developments. 

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